Building bridges – whether metaphorically or literally – can help you to stay connected or reconnect with others. New bridges can also provide access to new adventures – access to places and people never before encountered.  If you are ready […]

One thing we can be sure of – things don’t stay the same. Are you feeling overwhelmed with the pace of life?  Perhaps you are experiencing depression due to bereavement or other loss? Multiple transitions can result in us feeling […]

Connect with your inner balance and find your strength. A benefit of counselling is that people usually feel more empowered and confident both as individuals and within their various relationships. The balance of learning self-compassion and healing from past traumas […]

Setting goals for yourself and experiencing success in meeting those goals is a powerful part of the therapeutic counselling process.  As a counsellor working alongside you, I will facilitate you in setting those goals as well as the strategies that […]

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    My name is Lynda Beveridge and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#3617) practicing in Vancouver and Burnaby, BC. I have a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology and 18 years of experience working with individuals and families in counselling, voluntary and education settings. Read more.
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    I meet clients in Vancouver on West Broadway and in Burnaby near Metrotown. To make an appointment or to discuss counselling or consulting needs, Email me or call me on: (778) 888-3931.