As a Certified Parenting Facilitator and educator, I run eight-ten week parent groups modelled on the STEP parent education program. I am also available to meet with parents individually (or as couples) in a counselling session format. Parenting today is full of exciting as well as challenging moments. Perhaps more than any other previous generation parents today are encountering unique societal changes that require a deeper commitment to staying connected and present in our children’s lives. Pressures associated with issues such as:

• Divorce
• Immigration and migration
• Bereavement
• Blended families
• Multi-cultural families,
• Extraordinary physical/mental abilities,
• Working outside the home
• School and extracurricular activities
• Technology and social networking…

all can result in significant demands on our time and ability raise healthy, competent young people who remain connected to their families and communities.

Parent consultation and education groups are designed to help you tap into your strengths as a parent. A major benefit of parent education is the enhancing of skills in communicating with the young people you care about to strengthen the foundation of respect and love that assists families to flourish. Typical topics covered in parenting consultation or groups include:

• The role of encouragement
• Empowerment
• Attachment – repair and strengthening relationships
• Positive, democratic communication
• Boundary setting
• Discipline and natural consequences
• Birth order and family dynamics
• Sibling relationships

Parent consultation, whether in groups or individually, is different from therapeutic counselling in that it is more educational and skills-based in format. The possibility of therapeutic healing, however, can occur when you are learning new skills and concepts that may differ from your own childhood experience and what you’ve experienced to date in your own parenting.

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    My name is Lynda Beveridge and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#3617) practicing in Vancouver and Burnaby, BC. I have a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology and 18 years of experience working with individuals and families in counselling, voluntary and education settings. Read more.
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    I meet clients in Vancouver on West Broadway and in Burnaby near Metrotown. To make an appointment or to discuss counselling or consulting needs, Email me or call me on: (778) 888-3931.